We offer several products and services to customers in Washington state.

DARRA ARMS can obtain any National Firearms Act [NFA} weapon for sales to law enforcement agencies. These can include machine guns, sound suppressors [silencers], short barrelled rifles or shotguns, any other weapons [AOWs] and by special arrangement destructive devices such as grenade launchers.

DARRA ARMS offers demonstations and training on various weapons as needed by an agency. The demonstations can be for prospective purchases or for familiarazation with weapons likely to be encountered. DARRA ARMS can also provide service and repairs on most weapons used today by law enforcement. One specialty we offer is the upgrade/ modification of an agency firearm to a new configuration or updated version as needed.

DARRA ARMS also offers a trade-in service to agencies with surplus or obsolete weapons.

For civilian sales of NFA weapons legal in Washington State please contact us for details. We offer dealer to dealer transfers on NFA weapons as well. E-mail with your questions.